September 27, 2021

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If you’re a business with a website there’s no doubt you will have heard the term SEO. Many companies make this deliberately complicated in a bid to blind people with science and to make clients believe there’s some internet magic involved.

Understanding SEO can become a fulltime job as stipulations change rapidly and experts must stay abridge of developments in order to continue to deliver results to their clients. It’s not magic though, it’s a little bit of maths, a lot of analysis, some clever content and lots of common sense all thrown together in a big business melting pot that gives you the formula to make it to the top.

SEO Put Simply

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. When done well it can propel you to the top of the search engines so your business greets the customer first when they search for what you offer. As it’s a level playing field where big brands have to use SEO companies the same as the smaller companies it can turn a local business into a global sensation.

Not Just Keywords

Many businesses believe that SEO is all about the keywords but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a holistic method that covers all angles to please your audience first and Google second. As google shifts the goalposts on a regular basis (see our post on Panda updates) your SEO tactics must be capable of keeping up. Google’s algorithms can spot keywords but they can also spot unnatural content that adds no value to your customers whatsoever, and they will treat this as spam.

Appealing to your Audience

Good SEO delves deep into the psyches of your target audience. It discovers what they want to know and pitches your business to become an authority in your industry. It covers the entire web, creating backlinks that are valuable (low quality backlinks will do more harm than good) and brings you customers not just from Google but from every corner of the web.

It focuses on the user experience which in turn pleases Google as the Google bots realise that people actually enjoy visiting your site. As a business Google like to know that they’re directing their own users to sites they will enjoy, achieve this status and you’ll find your site rises to the top.

Facts, Figures, Analysis and Algorithms

To ensure success with SEO you need to concentrate on long term goals. You need to embrace ecommerce marketing, to enhance consumer loyalty and to deeply analyse keyword potential while monitoring results.

It takes time to ensure your whole site is optimised, while spreading your wings across social media can help give you a boost. It does require some expert intervention but it’s not rocket science. You shouldn’t be scared of SEO, it’s there to make you money and if you get that aspect of your business right you’ll find the rest will follow.


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