August 6, 2021

You may be aware that Google has a program they use for qualifying an Adwords expert, and its currently the Google Partner program.

Previously Adwords experts were required to pass an exam and would therefore be awarded an ‘Adwords Qualified Individual’ badge they could show-off on their site. Along with this there was also an ‘Adwords Qualified Agency’ badge which was awarded to agencies with multiple employees who have passed the exam.

This has since been phased out completely and replaced with the Google Partners program.
Previously it was simply a test based exam for entry with no requirement for practical knowledge or even any historical spend. This meant that a lot of small businesses and website owners would find themselves employing a qualified individual who actually had no practical knowledge of the system, and this is something Google wanted to improve with the new Partner system.

Now, not only is it a requirement for all agencies to pass a minimum of 2 exams, but they are also required to meet a threshold of account spend as well as demonstrating best practices being used on their client campaigns.  This theoretical and practical knowledge of the system lays the foundation for a good working relationship between Google, us, and you!

Google Partner Logo

You can view our Google Partner details at the following page –;idtf=7406734123;

As part of the Google Partner programme we have also been issued a limited number of Google Adwords vouchers (up to £150) for new clients. So if you are wondering what the Adwords system can do for you then contact us and we can help you get a campaign setup and running!

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