September 27, 2021

Among the many things that many webmasters seem to be in the dark about are the many marketing tools available for websites. Questions that you often hear range from ‘what are they?’ to ‘why do I need them?’ to ‘which tools should I choose?’ This article aims to answer all of those questions.

The purpose of marketing

As the World Wide Web has transformed the way business is and can be done, so it has turned marketing from a mysterious dark art into a more precise, more accessible and potentially much less expensive process. This is not to say that the core reason for marketing has changed.

Indeed, the reasons that any business does any marketing at all have not changed: To create brand awareness, to excite interest in it, to gain customers and to promote customer loyalty. These in turn generate profit and – theoretically at least – continue to do so.

Put in the most simplistic terms possible, the reason that business and marketing exist is to allow you to make a profit. Yet while the core principles of business haven’t changed, the ways in which marketing can be done have continually evolved and expanded – and no more so than in the years following the advent of the internet.

One key principle of business relates to the fact that ineffective marketing leads to failure and marketing is arguably never more important for a business than when it is at the start-up stage.

Bearing all of this in mind, to have the best chance of creating a successful start-up, you must understand both the key principles of marketing and how make the best of them. In modern times, a command of the marketing tools that are available to you online is vital.

There are a great number of tools available to start-up webmasters. The following are the best examples of the tools available to help your business to be an online success:

The three best tools to use


Mailchimp is self-defined as a ‘web-based email marketing service’ that is, by definition, much – much – more useful than the usual type of email service provider, such as Hotmail or Gmail. Indeed, Mailchimp provides an approved bulk mailer service, whereas the aforementioned rival services are only designed to send messages to one or two people at a time, which means that you can save time by reaching as many of your customers as you want quickly and easily, as long as they are signed up to your newsletters.

Mailchimp also provides a greater level of deliverability. This means that it works with ISPs, email service providers and corporate domains to ensure that emails sent using its service are recognised as safe, as opposed to spam.

Moreover, Mailchimp provides templates for newsletters, helps you share them on social media, as w/ell as integrating itself with the services you already use upon installation.

Google Analytics

Prior to the onset of digital marketing, measuring return on investment (ROI) in terms of marketing expenditure was by no means an exact science. However, in the digital age this changed thanks to website analytics, of which this is the best example (thanks in large part to the overriding dominance of Google itself).

Used properly, Google Analytics can give you invaluable and precise insight into the success of your website in terms of pages visited, as well as the whims and buying habits of your customer base. Google Analytics is incredibly easy to install, requiring the addition of a simple piece of code to your existing website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a hugely important part of internet marketing – that is a fact. Installing Webmaster Tools on your website will make you aware of what Google calls the ‘SEO health’ of your site’, providing data on pages crawled, in addition to the time it takes to crawl, index and download a page. The importance of this data should not be understated and an understanding of it is arguably of paramount importance to the online success of your business.

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