August 6, 2021
LogicalJack Twitter Guide: What Do I Tweet About

Knowing what to Tweet is such an easy dilemma to resolve. Apart from the fact that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, keeping an eye on results will help you get better but here are some basic Twitter tips for what to tweet about. First and foremost, treat this like a party you … Read more

LogicalJack Twitter Guide: Getting Yourself Setup

  The first decision you will have to make is how many Twitter accounts you want to manage; this will depend on your budget or staff time available, of course. If you already have a social account, you need to operate a separate Twitter account for business, but your personal account can act as a … Read more

LogicalJack Twitter Marketing Guide: How To Maximise Your Social Impact

If you are a small business and you know you need to be making more of social media and Twitter for marketing what you do, but you don’t really understand how it adds value to what you do or are not convinced it makes any difference to your bottom line, start from the assumption that if … Read more

The Art of Communication for Increasing Profits

Engagement is a word used relentlessly in internet marketing as advertisers and brands understand that once they’ve conquered this elusive word, the rest will follow. The High Street alone has changed significantly over the past twelve months and now as attention turns to shopping online more methods must be used to entice loyalty and to … Read more