September 27, 2021

We understand that the term SEO can be daunting for small businesses. The internet is flooded with negative stories and Google updates serve to confuse many website owners. Keeping up with SEO developments can be a full time job and is often billed as very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve worked in SEO for almost a decade, we’ve adapted to the changes and ensured our small businesses have befitted no matter which updates are brought out be it Penguin or Panda. Our experience and expertise in the field also means we keep your costs low, as we know how to efficiently and proficiently boost your SEO.

There are many strings to the SEO bow yet with our help you no longer have to worry about that. We will tailor a plan that suits your budget, your business and your targets, ensuring you reap the maximum rewards from any SEO campaign we execute. Our focus is always on bringing you a great return for your investment in our services and small business SEO is no different.

Providing Value To Your Audience and Google

New developments in SEO mean that it’s a world of opportunity. Google ranks you higher if your content provides value to your customers and that your service or product does the same. Often small businesses hear titbits of outdated information and produce website copy that is seen as Spam by the Google spiders, instead of valuable content that will keep you at the top forever.
Of course, phrases and keywords still play a part in SEO but to ensure evergreen results that are rewarded by the search engines a little insider knowledge is needed. Despite the rumours, this doesn’t cost the earth as it sets you on the path to a better, richer, business that will always be respected online.

Common Small Business SEO Problems

Every small business encounters problems with their search engine ranking at some point in time. Whether your a business just starting out with non-
existent rankings or your already an established business with a decline in rankings, the solution often isn’t clear. You could find a drop in your rankings through no fault of your own or a simple mistake could lose you that spot in the top 3.

When this happens, business obviously drops off and it can seem like a struggle to get back to the top as once Google has dismissed your website as spam it takes a lot of convincing for them to give your business a second chance.

We can assist with that!

Local SEO

Localised SEO is also a cost effective way to climb the Google pages as it focuses on an smaller, lower competition area rather than the whole of the World Wide Web! We have an armoury of ways to make sure you beat your local competition. We know how to make you stand out from the crowd when your community looks for the products or services you offer.

Additional Boosts

There are other, quicker ways to propel you to the top of the search engines quickly and easily, however they do need a regular budget in place along with a clear strategy as the money can run away! We offer clear targeted PPC and AdWords services that ensure you’re recognised for the terms your customers are searching for and you’re rewarded with every click.

These services are a great boost to organic and focused SEO techniques and are often used by our clients once they see a good return from our SEO services.

To find out for free how we can get your website ranking with evergreen techniques, contact us today and we’ll put together a no obligation quote.

It could be the best business investment you ever make!