August 6, 2021


Workplace productivity is one of the most important elements of a successful business, and its no surprise that companies around the world are always striving to increase productivity at every opportunity. However, this push for workplace productivity has often come at the expense of the work-life balance of employees. Most companies that the attitude that if they encourage staff to strive for work-life balance, they will reduce the overall productivity of the business at large. This type of thinking is not conducive to workplace productivity at all. The happier your work force is, the more they’ll actively contribute to your business. Sidelining the work-life balance of your staff in favor of productivity can lead to a toxic workplace environment with disgruntled and unhappy staff with high rates of absenteeism. Such an environment is detrimental to your business.

Below are the top three ways to encourage work-life balance in your workplace.

1. Manage their work-life balance

The key to ensuring that your employees maintain a work-life balance is to take an active role in ensuring that your company is supporting healthy attitudes to work and ensuring that you aren’t overworking your staff. Make it clear that taking breaks is part of the company culture, and emphasize leaving work at the door (This means no more after hours emails). Let your employees know that it’s ok to take breaks during work hours, and practice what you preach by taking breaks yourself. If you fail to take regular breaks, employees will mirror your behavior. At the best of times this results in sub-optimum performance and at the worst of times this manifests itself as a room full of exhausted workaholics.

Take an active role in promoting a positive work culture and you’ll increase staff morale in a way that promotes work-life balance, one step taken by us in the past is to introduce recreational activities such as pool tables or games machines (this is very popular in the tech industry too). By managing work-life balance in such a way you’ll see that employees have much more energy to apply themselves to their day-to-day work. In addition, you’ll find that your employees will be able to go the extra mile to take productivity to the next level.

2. Be Flexible

One of the best ways to help encourage work-life balance is to be flexible with how and where your employees work. By granting your employees the opportunity to work flexible schedules and the opportunity to telecommute, you’ll help employees to juggle their work and home lives much more effectively. For staff who have extra personal responsibilities like children, flexible schedules and telecommuting can be an absolute lifesaver. When employees with responsibilities are supported with a flexible working environment, the stress that comes with those responsibilities is decreased as they can devote the necessary time to getting their affairs in order. This means that when staff come to work, they won’t be thinking about the things they haven’t done when they were at home, and they’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. If you want to go the extra mile, it might be an idea to offer a flexible workweek where employees can work 4 long days in order to enjoy a longer weekend.

3. Provide Wellness Services


One way to expand your approach to helping employee work life balance is to provide wellness services. Many employees find themselves neglecting their personal health in favor of time spent on family and work. Many times, this comes at the cost of looking after themselves. Additional wellness services can be a great way to encourage your employees to look after themselves physically, as well as being a great way to reduce workplace stress. There are a number of different ways to tackle this, but one of the best ways is to provide access to gym equipment and group fitness classes. Many companies offer their staff free-gym membership so this can be something worth considering. In addition, companies can offer additional services like mental health support and nutrition services to further improve the health of employees.

Work Life Balance = Productivity

By taking a leading role in producing a healthier work-life balance, you’ll give your staff the opportunity to spend more time with the people and the things that they love. In return, your staff will be much more active in their roles and inevitably increase workplace productivity. By actively managing their work-life balance, being flexible and providing wellness services, you will ensure that your staff will have much more energy to get tasks done and you’ll get the word out that your business promotes employee happiness. In short, a happy employee is a productive employee.

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