September 27, 2021

Recently many SEO companies despaired as Google removed their keyword tool. This tool was a free, easy to use planner that would automatically display the most popular search terms for a specific business or industry.

It allowed many to label themselves as SEO experts as they’d copy and paste it before stuffing these keywords into the copy of a client’s site. At first these tactics worked, but as Google got wind of these poor portals on the web they decided to change the game.

Now the keyword tool has been replaced with the Keyword Planner that involves a little more analysis and a lot more thought to make it work for business. For SEO companies that understand success isn’t just about keyword stuffing, the revelation is great news as it now sorts the wheat from the chaff.

It’s not surprising though that many business owners are confused with the constant updates. For instance one company may tell a business they need lots of keyword stuffed copy to succeed while another advises against it. Who’s right?

Panda Updates – It’s all Black and White

In simple terms the Panda updates have once again made the search engines an even playing field. Google have been trying to increase the quality of their search results. They are a business too and know people will only come back if they like where Google sends them.

Customers don’t like keyword stuffed content or content that hurts the eyes, insults with poor grammar or patronises. This just damages Google and the business itself.

The Panda update looks to solve this problem by concentrating on popularity rather than keywords. Keywords do still have a place and used correctly they will help a site be noticed by the algorithms but popularity and quality will ensure it rises to the top.

Bounce Rates

If your bounce rates are high you could be putting customers off, which in turn lowers the popularity of your site. Concentrate on keeping the visitor entertained, don’t simply throw offers into their face, give them information they want to read and content they want to share.

Consumer Loyalty

Since the demise of Jessops and HMV the big buzz phrase of 2013 has been “customer loyalty”. Many huge brands have realised that the only way they can ensure they beat their competition is by keeping their current customers close. On the internet this can seem like a thankless task as the competition is rife yet if you offer tips, advice and quality content to your users you’ll find they come back again and again.

In summary the Google updates want companies to create engaging, entertaining content that customers will adore. They want to see it shared over social networks, commented on and revisited again and again. This approach obviously raises your reputation as an authority in your industry so really, despite the furore it’s a win win situation for everybody.

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