September 27, 2021

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Hello and welcome to our first ever blog post – we hope you stick around for the ride!

With over 5 years of professional experience in SEO and Internet Marketing I thought it was about time we launched our blog so you can keep up with our company news & developments, industry news, useful guides, practical advice and much more.

With experience in website development and online marketing we found that many small businesses would often find that SEO was either too expensive, or that it wasn’t achieving the results they were promised. We found this a typical complaint with SEO campaigns across many of our clients, especially those with a campaign being fulfilled by their website design company.
We therefore launched as a dedicated SEO agency with a target to deliver a results driven campaign which fitted within the clients budget and expectations – and this is still what we do to this day!

Since then though we have expanded to offer additional services on-top of the organic SEO, including link building packages, PPC management, social media management, content & email marketing – all are necessary in a successful internet marketing campaign.

We keep up-to-date on the latest Google news, algorithm updates, search trends and much more – so stick around to find out some useful tips or advice to help your business grow on the internet.

We are a Somerset based business and always look at supporting local businesses so if you too are local, then you should find a lot of great information here to help you – we are also familiar with a lot of the local agencies and can give you independent advice and recommendations on local services, upcoming local events and a whole lot more.

We will also be periodically doing a Q&A session where we will answer common questions, so if your a small business owner and your website has been effected by an algorithm update, you need some advice or just want to know how to set up a shopping feed then please leave a comment and we will follow up in a later post.

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