August 6, 2021
5 Google Algorithm Updates That Changed The Way You View The Internet

Google is still gunning for digital marketers that attempt to manipulate search results. An unofficial update dubbed ‘Fred” rattled some SEO companies last week whilst many others (like ourselves at LogicalJack) are rejoicing an increase in traffic. Although Google has not officially acknowledged an algorithm update, it appears Fred is an extension of Penguin designed … Read more

The Ever Growing Complexity of Google Search.

It’s staggering to think about just how far Google has come over the years to connect us to the information we seek, or want to get out there to our ideal audience as a business. I got to thinking about some of the changes over time, after coming across an article over at Wired that talked about … Read more

The Battle Of The Search Providers

As Yahoo’s market share jumps 1.6% the search engine wars are back on with a vengeance. Whenever companies think about SEO their automatic response is almost always to consider what ‘Google’ will think. However, if you haven’t started to think about other search engines then now is almost certainly the time. In November Firefox ditched … Read more