August 6, 2021
Adios! Google PageRank

  Courtesy Of Cornerstone Cellars April 15th 2016 saw the demise of the classic 1-10 Google PageRank scale, although it had not been updated for a few years, Google PageRank had been the go-to tool for SEO’s and Website owners looking to improve their rankings. So What Is Google Pagerank? To put it simply, Google … Read more

Google’s 2014 Search Quality Guidelines Leaked

One of the many tasks of an SEO is predicting the future of search and how this will have an impact on your website – if you don’t consider future changes then you are only lining yourself up for troubles in the way of ranking drops or even penalisation. Part of this comes with staying … Read more

We Are Now Google Partner Certified!

You may be aware that Google has a program they use for qualifying an Adwords expert, and its currently the Google Partner program. Previously Adwords experts were required to pass an exam and would therefore be awarded an ‘Adwords Qualified Individual’ badge they could show-off on their site. Along with this there was also an … Read more

LogicalJack’s First Blog Post

Hello and welcome to our first ever blog post – we hope you stick around for the ride! With over 5 years of professional experience in SEO and Internet Marketing I thought it was about time we launched our blog so you can keep up with our company news & developments, industry news, useful guides, … Read more