August 6, 2021
LogicalJack Twitter Guide: Learn To Tweak With Twitter Analytics

Whilst there will always be an element of trial and error when testing the Twitter market, ‘Analytics’ available via your ‘Dashboard’ are one of the most powerful Twitter management tools in your armoury. Monitoring your statistics regularly will make the difference between throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks or harnessing meaningful information … Read more

Cyber Crime Brings About a New Phobia for Consumers

Payment Phobia or Paynophobia is a condition that is becoming more common, exacerbated by security failures and media coverage that sensationalise the hackers. It’s thought that over 26% of the world’s population actually suffer from the phobia making it one of the most common, above arachnophobia at 25%. For some, it manifests itself as increased … Read more

The Art of Communication for Increasing Profits

Engagement is a word used relentlessly in internet marketing as advertisers and brands understand that once they’ve conquered this elusive word, the rest will follow. The High Street alone has changed significantly over the past twelve months and now as attention turns to shopping online more methods must be used to entice loyalty and to … Read more