August 6, 2021
The Definitive Guide to Website Marketing Tools For Start-ups

Among the many things that many webmasters seem to be in the dark about are the many marketing tools available for websites. Questions that you often hear range from ‘what are they?’ to ‘why do I need them?’ to ‘which tools should I choose?’ This article aims to answer all of those questions. The purpose … Read more

Google’s 2014 Search Quality Guidelines Leaked

One of the many tasks of an SEO is predicting the future of search and how this will have an impact on your website – if you don’t consider future changes then you are only lining yourself up for troubles in the way of ranking drops or even penalisation. Part of this comes with staying … Read more

Cyber Crime Brings About a New Phobia for Consumers

Payment Phobia or Paynophobia is a condition that is becoming more common, exacerbated by security failures and media coverage that sensationalise the hackers. It’s thought that over 26% of the world’s population actually suffer from the phobia making it one of the most common, above arachnophobia at 25%. For some, it manifests itself as increased … Read more

The Art of Communication for Increasing Profits

Engagement is a word used relentlessly in internet marketing as advertisers and brands understand that once they’ve conquered this elusive word, the rest will follow. The High Street alone has changed significantly over the past twelve months and now as attention turns to shopping online more methods must be used to entice loyalty and to … Read more

Avoiding Long Term Damage From Bad SEO

There are a lot of companies out there offering SEO services that promise to improve your company’s search engine position and reach your target market, but when shopping around for any SEO service you should be aware that not all of these companies are the same. In fact some SEO techniques are next to useless … Read more

Find, Understand and Use Your Google Analytics for Profit

Many people run and hide as soon as Google Analytics is mentioned. Small business owners wrongly believe it’s complicated and takes a magical skill to control. In truth, Google Analytics is easy. It may take an hour to familiarise yourself with the dashboard and data but once you do, you’ll gain incredible power over your … Read more

What You Need To Know About SEO

If you’re a business with a website there’s no doubt you will have heard the term SEO. Many companies make this deliberately complicated in a bid to blind people with science and to make clients believe there’s some internet magic involved. Understanding SEO can become a fulltime job as stipulations change rapidly and experts must … Read more

Panda, Penguin, Possum, What do these Google Updates Mean for Your Business?

Recently many SEO companies despaired as Google removed their keyword tool. This tool was a free, easy to use planner that would automatically display the most popular search terms for a specific business or industry. It allowed many to label themselves as SEO experts as they’d copy and paste it before stuffing these keywords into … Read more

We Are Now Google Partner Certified!

You may be aware that Google has a program they use for qualifying an Adwords expert, and its currently the Google Partner program. Previously Adwords experts were required to pass an exam and would therefore be awarded an ‘Adwords Qualified Individual’ badge they could show-off on their site. Along with this there was also an … Read more

Common SEO Terms Explained pt.1

Working with many website and business owners its obvious there is a learning curve when it comes to SEO and online marketing. If you are unfamiliar with the industry you will often find yourself confused and looking for definitions, so I have started compiling a definitive list of SEO terms, acronyms and abbreviations which small … Read more