August 6, 2021
LogicalJack Twitter Guide: What Do I Tweet About

Knowing what to Tweet is such an easy dilemma to resolve. Apart from the fact that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, keeping an eye on results will help you get better but here are some basic Twitter tips for what to tweet about. First and foremost, treat this like a party you … Read more

LogicalJack Twitter Guide:All About Your Twitter Audience

Now that you have completed your twitter setup, building a professional brand and allocating sufficient planning and implementation time to your Twitter marketing strategy will build a strong Twitter following, as your shared content offers value. Building a presence is something you will need to work at for obvious reasons; i.e. it doesn’t matter how … Read more

LogicalJack Twitter Guide: Getting Yourself Setup

  The first decision you will have to make is how many Twitter accounts you want to manage; this will depend on your budget or staff time available, of course. If you already have a social account, you need to operate a separate Twitter account for business, but your personal account can act as a … Read more

LogicalJack Twitter Marketing Guide: How To Maximise Your Social Impact

If you are a small business and you know you need to be making more of social media and Twitter for marketing what you do, but you don’t really understand how it adds value to what you do or are not convinced it makes any difference to your bottom line, start from the assumption that if … Read more

Google Apps and Email for Business

  Trying to find an integrated system that can link email and apps for businesses are surprisingly hard to come by. There are few systems out offer a wide range of options to a variety of different businesses in lots of different fields, but Google seem to have adapted a range of apps and email … Read more

The Battle Of The Search Providers

As Yahoo’s market share jumps 1.6% the search engine wars are back on with a vengeance. Whenever companies think about SEO their automatic response is almost always to consider what ‘Google’ will think. However, if you haven’t started to think about other search engines then now is almost certainly the time. In November Firefox ditched … Read more

Are You Mobile Friendly? Take The Test

Having a mobile friendly website used to be all the rage, however it’s fairly standard nowadays – if you have undergone a redesign in the last year or two then your website is probably mobile friendly. Mobile still plays a big part of the user experience and recently Google announced a mobile friendly test tool … Read more

Google Translate – Is There More To It Than Meets The Eye?

The Google Translation Engine is a key component to the Google Empire and an integral part of the way we use the internet. However, the way that this tech has been implemented through their apps has raised questions by users and developers alike. The Google translation engine is an automated translation system that has the … Read more

Best Practices Speak Louder Than Words

In 2005 Google launched the Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) program to certify individuals and companies who had completed the training, and finished the exams. At the time there were a lot of “experts” who would build or maintain campaigns. who themselves had very little experience or knowledge of the system. The GAP certification was introduced … Read more

Could Your Copy or Design be Putting Customers Off?

If you have a website online you’ll know all about bounce rates, you may even groan as you hear those words brought up on blogs like these. You may have spent months trying to drastically reduce that number with little success. With a little insight into the expertise of professional web designers and copywriters you … Read more